Question and Answer Document about Possibly Bringing Public Water Service to the Village

This question and answer document is posted in anticipation of a vote by village property owners to determine the possibility of public water service for our village. In the near future you will receive, by mail, a ballot for registering your vote on this matter. Property owners will receive one ballot for each parcel capable of being served from a public main. We have 118 parcels of property so eligible along our village thoroughfares. A simple majority of parcel owners voting in favor of public water service will cause Village Council to make the request of our County Commissioners.

The Q&A contains 23 questions, answers and tables of information about the process of public water service. If you have questions as to the eligibility of your parcel(s) or other questions, please contact Mayor James Beal or a member of council.

Thank you for your participation in this historic event.

Mayor James Beal
Council President John Guidubaldi
Council Members Elizabeth Hartley, Dianne Kauffman, Suzanne Lipps, Amey Park and Nancy Stillwagon