Planning Commission Approval for Property Modifications


  1. Residents are required to obtain approval from the Village of Sugar Bush Knolls Planning Commission for any modification of their property that changes its footprint. (see below).  The Planning Commission determines whether or not the proposed project is in compliance with the Village’s statutes.
  2. If the modification or addition is approved, the resident takes the approval to the Portage County Building Department  for the issuance of a building permit.  NOTE:
    • The Portage County Building Department requires a permit for most, but not all, of the items that the Village’s Planning Commission reviews.
    • The fact that a permit may not be required by the Portage County Building Department does not absolve a resident from obtaining Village approval for any projects that change the footprint of their property.
  3. The Village of Sugar Bush Knolls Planning Commission will also send a letter to the Portage County Building Department notifying them of the Commission’s approval.

Modifications of the footprint of a structure that require Planning Commission approval include:

  • Adding an accessory structure (outbuildings) or changing its footprint (note that outbuildings are limited to 500 square feet and must match the architecture of the residence)
  • Inground swimming pools (aboveground swimming pools are not permitted in the Village)
  • Changes to the footprint of the driveway
  • Adding a fence or modifying its location
  • Deck additions or changes to its footprint
  • Modifications to the access and egress of a residence (e.g., adding ramps)


  • The determinant of when Village Planning Commission and possible a Portage County Building Department permit is required is when the footprint is modified.
  • Replacing an existing structure as it currently exists (e.g., parts of a deck) does not change the footprint.
  • Decks or ramps constitute a structure because they have specific structural requirements for load.
  • Patios constructed on-grade may not necessarily require Planning Commission approval or a Portage County Building Department permit if their construction does not require a foundation.