Mosquito Spraying

Spraying isn’t particularly effective in SBK

  1. Spraying can be effective in cities with smaller lots and streets that back on each other because passes down different streets can reach both front and back yards.  The Village is not configured like a city, so spraying isn’t as effective in the Village.
  2. Some owners of private lakes in the Village do not want their lakes to be baited (treated with chemicals to kill mosquito larvae).
  3. Neighboring communities and forest areas are not sprayed, so mosquitoes there can easily travel to the Village.

History of mosquito spraying

  1. The Village sprayed for mosquitoes until 2009 when the person who was spraying at an inexpensive rate retired.  This company told us that spraying wasn’t particularly effective in the Village.
  2. The Village doesn’t t have available funds to pay for mosquito spraying, especially considering the fact that it’s not particularly effective in the Village.
  3. While some residents are in favor of spraying, others are not because of concerns about environmental impacts and risks from chemicals used in spraying and baiting.

Individual homeowner options

  1. Residents can contract with a private company to have their property sprayed.  Bear in mind that it might not be effective given the proximity to water in the Village..
  2. Residents can erect Purple Martin and bat houses to increase animal populations that eat mosquitoes.  Purple Martins typically nest in March and it might take 2-3 years for bats to establish residence.  These can also be purchased from local home and garden suppliers or online.