Budget Summary

Revenue for the Village of Sugar Bush Knolls comes primarily in the form of real estate taxes and totals ca. $129,000 per year.   Each year, the Village appropriates (allocates for possible spending) ca. $163,000 because it has a historic surplus of invested money that functions almost like a savings account for emergencies.  The Village appropriates this amount but does not intend to spend it all unless an emergency arises.

The Village plans to spend a little less than we take in each year, hence our expenditures are ca. $120,000 per year and include:

  • Police, Fire, and EMS
  • Trash and recycling fees
  • Leaf pick-up
  • Snow plowing and salting roads
  • Village maintenance (upkeep of streets, lakes, signs, stormwater, etc.)
  • Personnel and consulting fees (Clerk/Treasurer, solicitor, engineer, etc.)
  • Misc. fees (postage, communication with residents)

In 2010, residents passed the first property tax increase sought by the Village in 25 years.  Unfortunately, this increase has been offset by a reduction in funds received from the State of Ohio.  This pattern is expected to continue.  As a result, in the next couple of years the Village may have to revisit the issue of a tax increase or a reduction in services.

While Village residents may pay annual federal and state income taxes, as well as local income taxes for the municipality in which they work, they do not pay a separate municipal (income) tax to the Village.  Because of this residents do not file a separate municipal tax form for the Village of Sugar Bush Knolls (e.g., through RITA or a similar agency).

To ensure that funds are directed toward our Village, when renewing your license and vehicle registrations, please make sure Sugar Bush Knolls is listed as your city/residence/district.  Make sure the registrar knows you live in Sugar Bush Knolls, although this is different from your mailing address.