Trash Removal and Recycling

Curbside trash removal and recycling services is provided without charge to residents on Tuesday of each week.  Trash removal services are provided by Kimble of Dover, Ohio and recycling services are provided by Portage County Solid Waste.

To ensure good service please observe the following:

General notes

  • When a legal holiday falls on Monday pickup will be a day late.



  • Use appropriate trash cans or plastic bags.
  • Place trash within five feet of the roadway.
  • Will take branches tied in 4 foot lengths.
  • Call Kimble (800-201-0005) between 8-5 for matters relating to service, NOT VILLAGE OFFICIALS.
  • Call Kimble (800-201-0005) 24 hours in advance if you have large items to pick up.  Occasionally, they charge extra for large items.
  • To obtain service of pickup at the house rather than at the street, contract privately with Kimble.
  • NOTE:  Village residents who independently contact Kimble or another agency for additional trash removal services are individually responsible for any bills that result.  Inquiries about whether or not the Village will pay for a particular service should be directed to the Clerk/Treasurer prior to contacting the company or utility for service.
  • Kimble uses a truck with a remote arm that is designed for moving items in trash cans.  Items for pickup should fit into a trash can.  This new remote arm requires a stronger grip on the container.  Residents may want to consider purchasing a can with reinforced sides to facilitate this and insure their trash container lasts longer.

Chemical and Hazardous Material Disposal

If unsure how to dispose of chemicals or hazardous materials, call the Streetsboro Fire Department (330-626-4664) or the Portage County Department of Homeland Security  (330-297-3607)  for advice.