Twin Lakes Usage (limited to certain lots only)

Who Can Use West Twin Lake and Why they Can Use It

  1. Some properties in the Village are eligible to use West Twin Lake, just south of the Village of Sugar Bush Knolls.
  2. The owners of these 39 properties are eligible to use West Twin Lake because in 1927 the Twin Lakes Company, which was at that time the owner of the Twin Lakes and substantial surrounding property, conveyed 47.27 acres of land to the Davey Tree Expert Company and granted it “free and undisturbed privileges to the use of West Twin Lake.”  This land was later subdivided into 39 lots.  Those rights have passed down through the years as part of the properties’ chain of title.

Use of the Non-amenities of West Twin Lake (via the north shore) Without Paying an Assessment

The Twin Lakes Association, which currently owns the Twin Lakes and surrounding common areas, recognizes the language from 1927 and supports those properties’ use of West Twin Lake for fishing, boating, and swimming via South Blvd. at the end of Elma Street and the end of South Blvd.

Before using West Twin Lake for any reason,

  1. The property owners should contact the Twin Lakes Association (1509 Merrill Ave., Kent, OH  44240   330-622-3444   or  and express interest in using West Twin Lake. The property owner must confirm that they plan to use a non-motorized boat on the lake that has not been in any other body of water within 48 hours of launching said boat into West Twin Lake.
  2. The Association will return a form to fill out and return to them.
  3. Upon returning the form, the property owner will receive from the Association a letter that acknowledges their right to use West Twin Lake along with stickers to display prominently on the outside of their watercraft.
  4. The property owner must carry the letter with them every time they use the lake and show it to any party who asks why they are there.  Several owners act as security to keep the neighborhood safe and regularly patrol the area.
  5. The property owner may not leave boats or other belongings on the common properties at any time.

Use of the Amenity Provisions of West Twin Lake (South Shore) Through Paying an Assessment

  1. The 39 property owners may use the amenities on the south side of West Twin Lakes (including the beach and bathhouse area, the boat and canoe racks, the docks, and the pavilion and picnic areas) if they pay an annual assessment, as conditionally allowed by the Twin Lakes Association Board of Trustees.
  2. If a property owner wishes to use West Twin Lake amenities, please express interest to the Twin Lakes Association.
  3. The assessment fee fluctuates each year depending on the Twin Lakes Association’s annual budget.
    a.  For the 2013 year, the assessment fee is the assessed land value (the 35% column of the property as found on the Portage County auditor’s office website multiplied by .01685
    b.  The assessment runs from April 1 to March 31 of each year.
  4. Once the property owner pays the assessment, they will be billed in subsequent years.  If the property owner doesn’t wish to use West Twin Lakes’ amenities in the coming year, they do not have to pay the bill but are obligated to inform the Twin Lakes Association that they no longer wish to continue.
  5. Note that the property owner is not “joining” the Twin Lakes Association nor are they a “member” of the Twin Lakes Association because both of those terms imply a club and the Twin Lakes Association is not a club.  The correct term for Village of Sugar Bush Knolls property owners who pay the annual assessment is “property owner.”
  6. Property owners should familiarize themselves with the general rules as listed on the Twin Lakes Association website.
  7. Property owners who pay the assessment are able to reserve the pavilion for parties.  To book your summer party at the TLA Beach House, please send your reservation request to

Guidelines for the Use of the Village of Sugar Bush Knolls’ Lakes