Lake Usage for the Village of Sugar Bush Knolls


  1. The Village of Sugar Bush Knolls owns two lakes.
    1. Lake Martin is located off of Lake Martin Drive via a walkway between 1200 and 1220 Lake Martin Dr.
      1. Average depth – 6.7’
      2. Maximum depth – 12.0’
    2. Lake Roger is located off of Lake Roger Drive.
      1. Average depth – 3.4’
      2. Maximum depth – 8.0’
    3. The lakes are not connected by water
    4. WARNING:  As of Sept. 18, 2017, residents are advised not to catch fish caught in the lakes and not to swim in the lakes as dangerous bacteria is within the lakes (which will be treated).
    5. East and West Twin Lakes, located south of the Village of Sugar Bush Knolls, are not owned by the Village.
  2. Other lakes and ponds in the Village are on private property.
  3. Private property owners whose land includes public lake shoreline may not build a dock on the lake according to Ordinance 1130.06.
  4. Lake Martin and Lake Roger are only to be used by residents of the Village of Sugar Bush Knolls.
  5. Guests must be accompanied by a resident of the Village of Sugar Bush Knolls.
  6. Residents and guests may fish, boat upon, and swim in the lakes at their own risk.
  7. The water in the Village’s lakes or ponds is not tested for fecal or other contaminants because testing only demonstrates the quality of the water at a particular point in time and the lakes are not generally used for swimming.  The Village does not recommend swimming in the lakes because of the lack of testing, the lakes are not staffed with lifeguards, and village docks are not equipped for swimmers.
  8. Boats may not produce wakes.
  9. Removal of bass from the lakes is prohibited.
  10. Residents and guests at the lakes should not disturb the peace and quiet of the Village.
  11. Do not litter: please remove trash or use the trash can provided at Lake Martin.
  12. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the lakes or the public land leading to them.